Having a storied life even at the early age of 15, starting a deejay collective that birthed my design career in the U.S., to then working with major brands and institutions like Audi, DirecTV, Intuit, the Hollywood studio landscape, academia, non-profits, and many other orgs for over +10 years.

I design for information, services, experiences, brands, systems, direct art & design teams, but really, I just want to make meaningful, circular, beneficial experiences while looking pretty...damn good.

So what does that mean for my mother-country? In short: impact. Doing it justice. Designing justice. Designing the nation. The Peoples’ designer. Well, at least I can try. Minus the saviour complex.

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Status: Working on a few research and self-initiated projects. Follow me on Twitter for updates. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Meet me at some workshops I’ll be conducting later in the year (if we all survive, of course).

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