Having a storied life even at the early age of 15, starting a deejay collective that birthed my design career in the U.S., to then working with major brands and institutions like Audi, DirecTV, Intuit, the Hollywood studio landscape, academia, non-profits, and many other orgs for over +10 years.

I design for brands, digital products, and services,  but really, I just want to make circular experiences while looking pretty...damn good.

So what does that mean for my mother-country? In short: impact. Doing it justice. Designing justice. Designing the nation. The Peoples’ designer. Well, at least I can try. Minus the saviour complex.

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Status: Working as a freelance digital art director at Davis Elen agency in Los Angeles (the land originally occupied by the Tongva). I also have a directorial content project with Jason Markk in a series called “Culture of Care”. Episode one is out now. More to come later this year.

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