Information design can sound a little ambiguous to the uninformed ear, but it's actually a role that most designers have played a part in—except most of the time, they tend not to specialize in it. It's not just the design of infographics or information ephemera. It's more than that. It's finding meaning in the underlying structures of all things we may or may not find typically beautiful.

To build products is to also see it as information, and how we treat it in the user's sense must involve experience (UX) and interface (UI) design together, which is essentially, the realm of a Digital Product Designer. The two roles are interchangeable but I believe I am more than just a Product Designer. Seeing data, the bits and bytes surrounding our reality can help us understand different meanings outside of the capitalistic sphere.

The expanding and changing of titles in this sector can be confusing but these ternary plots below will not just define me, but may bring context to other designers who are transitioning to this somewhat new creative class:

I will be publishing a detailed Medium essay exploring these ideas but in the meantime, you can reach out, create a dialogue with me, lerk on my Twitter or Ello feed, or better yet, hire me! I’m easy going, plays well with others, and can entertain you all night long! Peace.


  • Visual / UI Design
  • Brand Strategy + Architecture
  • Information Design / Data Visualization
  • Interaction / Prototyping
  • User Experience Design + Research (UX)
  • Writing / Authorship