When design and authorship is deeply practiced, it's in the guise of artisanship. The terms artist, author, and auteur are interchangeable. Under auteur theory, one had to demonstrate technical expertise , create a stylistic signature , and most importantly, have a consistent vision that evokes a strong meaning in his or her work . That is the true nature of an artist, yet, I do not call myself one. I am a designer that tells meaningful stories: my own, and all of us.

When designing digital products, the content and experience is dependent on the author. For commercial work, it’s the client. For personal work, it's the creator. Both instances require an educational component and it’s important to me that they speak some form of a critical / social lens that lend to larger dialogues. When a discussion gets big enough, they become meaningful stories—for all of us.


  • Visual / UI Design
  • Brand Strategy + Architecture
  • Information Design / Data Visualization
  • Interaction / Prototyping
  • User Experience Design + Research (UX)
  • Writing / Authorship